Our company has focused on the quality of products using selected grapes produced in their vineyards through production processes that combine ancient knowledge and new technologies.

Our winemaking tradition has always been handed down from father to son, transmitting the love for our land, where the Langhe meet the rolling hills of Monferrato.

The Canavero family is always convinced that to have good wines, strongly characterizing the territory, you have to produce good grapes from their own vineyards, both from a health point of view of quality: healthy grapes, beautiful and mature. Also pruning to reduce the amount for the benefit of quality, even using, when needed, to green harvests. Integrated pest management in the vineyard to limit to a minimum the phytosanitary treatments.

Our wine cellar

We are in the town of Castagnole Lanze, one of the best areas of the Asti wine.

Our story tells of a family tradition that we defend stubbornly considering it a value to pass down. For this we only make wine grapes produced with care, passion and dedication by our vineyards, following the rhythms of nature.

From generations "The Canavero" are known and appreciated for the sincerity of their wines once sold in bulk - in respect of an ancient local tradition - to a loyal and faithful customers.

It was dad Angelo to give way to a deep work of renewal of the cellar and structures. This made it possible to pass from the bulk to the bottling of the wines produced, also expanding the number of labels. His son Claudio, graduated in the wine school of Alba, gave further impetus and intensity to this choice, bringing innovation in the vineyard, pruning increasingly bold in order to even raise the quality of the grapes with low yields per hectare.

All this, with the use of non-invasive phytosanitary techniques, has produced wines characterized by a profound identity with the territory from which they are born.

Personality and respect for nature are beliefs that the Canavero not intend to divert to ensure a path that will, in a few years, the fourth generation at work.

Our vineyards

Our vineyards are located on the sunny Rorisso hill in Castagnole Lanze where we have 5 hectares of vineyards and in the near Castiglione Tinella, on the picturesque Manzotti hill where we grow 2 hectares of Muscat, a particularly suitable land for the production of these prestigious grapes.

Independent Winegrowers

Our company is recognized from some years by the association Independent Winegrowers.

The Independent Winemaker cultivates its vineyards, vinifies from his grapes, bottles its own wine and personally supervises the sale of the same, under its responsibility, with its name and its label.

It carries his business as an individually farm and in his work he operates in compliance with the Italian industry (Art. 2135 of the Civil Code and art. 32 of the Income Tax Code). He don't buy grapes and/or wine for commercial purposes.

The Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers today has more than 900 members and aims to represent the figure of the Winemaker to the institutions. The FIVI talks to the MIPAAF in Rome and with the European Parliament in Brussels by the CEVI, the European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers where there are the associations of independent winemakers of all major European wine producers. It participates in development policies at the local wine, national and European. It proposes economic measures and legislation in the interest of Independent Winegrowers.